Is Love Born Out of the Eternal Nature of Attraction? (And does it matter?)


This is a discussion about the origins of Love, I suppose - I start with the creation of everything and tie it in with my thoughts on attraction and, if the origins even matter.

The end of this Podcast deals with my family and a little bit about the difficult health situation. I know that it is selfish of me to ask, but, if you pray at all, I ask that you offer a few up for my father, who is having health issues.

Thank you for listening! Stay Safe!

Mr. Pirate


Do you believe there's a higher something, a higher power, higher entity, higher thing. How about a higher thing? I like that because it doesn't romanticize the concept as much higher thing. I don't know if the big bang theory is currently a number one for how we think things began. I think now we're thinking it's a cycle where, uh, it expands and contracts and expands and contracts. So maybe we don't have a, an idea about what happened just after everything became a thing, but in order for things to become things there must've been some thing to create that thing.

I wonder what that thing was. So we're never really going to know that no matter what, we're just never going to know that I don't believe it's possible to know that even if there is something after this world, something after this existence life after death, I don't believe we will know that. So that being a given in my mind, I find it very interesting to think about what would have been one of the first things that, that some thing would have created. And it probably would have been attraction and its most basic sense. If you have most people know if you have enough stuff together, enough things that it draws other things towards it. Yes. Mass greater than mass, greater the gravity. Pretty simple, easy to understand concept, but does it also apply to every thing? So the greater the mass, the greater the strength, perhaps the higher, the chance of survival, but I want to take it from things to people because I think that attraction, this force is equally applied, not just to things, but to us, whatever we really are to us sentient beings, we are attracted to one another.

And I believe that that is what gives us strength. An army of one, never survives Rambo doesn't exist. We survive because we are attracted to others and we form our tribes and our tribes are full of other people, attracted to us and we support each other and their strength and our numbers. That makes sense. A lot of sense, coming up through the ages when you didn't even have enough food to get fat. That's funny how sometimes people don't realize being fat is a luxury and I ain't no skinny boy, maybe, maybe one day, but not today.

So it's this, what is it called? Law of attraction, whatever it is, we are attracted to one another. It is that which I believe is I had to have been one of the first things to have become, to have come into existence because there is strength in the attraction and the attraction helps us survive. So is love born out of the need to survive. As in you fought harder for those whom you loved. So the capacity to love would have been a positive trait that would have helped people to survive. So those that had that capacity would have lived longer through the ages or had more children.

I don't know, maybe. And then is that why love is so strong for us? We are attracted to others because their presence strengthens us. I don't think there's anything wrong with admitting that what we do is largely born out of selfish desires, even helping other people feels immensely positive, which you could argue then makes it a selfish desire. It doesn't mean that it's bad. I don't believe that the origin of the action necessarily makes that action negative. So if love is actually a survival technique that allowed us to get to this point, do we still need it?

I mean, do we still need it, need it, need it. Like on a, that was very descriptive right there. Like to exist in the world and procreate. You ever, have you ever been with someone from the Nordic countries? One of my friends, she lives up there now she's lived there for years. She's very, very smart. And um, she she's got everything going for her and, uh, intelligence looks all that jazz and she has enjoyed her time up there greatly. And the let's call it social freedom that she gets there compared to where she was born in Poland. And um, now that she is trying to have a little bit less social freedom, so let's call it. She's finding it rather difficult, rather difficult to find someone to love emotionally rather than just for an evening for a physical exchange of culture.

She's finding it rather Loveless and it's making her feel hollow. So does she need love to survive? Absolutely not. She's surviving very well on all the metrics, all the metrics upon which we are studied by us and analyzed money, looks health, social life, the ability to do what she wants when she wants almost how she wants now that she doesn't have to work in an office. But I feel, I feel the hollowness when I hear her talk about what I just mentioned and she's mentioned it as well. So love is what's lacking. She doesn't need it, but it's like chocolate. I think you don't need chocolate, but it does make your life a little bit happier. Wow. That was a horrible comparison. I want to take that back because you know, I'm thinking about, I have massive problems with stress, not anxiety, but stress. Like my eye will Twitch, which is great for retaining my hair.

And um, when I'm with someone who makes me feel whole, I don't want to use the L word just yet, but whole. So not even the full L word, but just whole, my eyes stops twitching. My heart slows. I can feel it. And I am at peace and all of those things that caused my eyes to Twitch. I don't even remember what they are. Sometimes they don't even know what they are anyway, but they're gone. I'm so happy and full and complete in that moment. Do we need love? Maybe not, but who wants to live with their eye twitching in their heart, half empty for the rest of their life?

Who wants to be able to sleep in a bed like a starfish every night and not have their covers savagely stolen from them at 1:00 AM because she's cold. And then you get her back by putting your toe Sickles in between her thighs. Ah, the scream is so beautiful. Uh, nothing I've ever spent a lot of money on or any money on has ever put a smile on my face. Like I just had when I relayed that story to you, by the way, nothing, because that story is born out of love. I don't care why I love or we love was it given to us as a rule from the start of the universe without love without attraction, there can simply be nothing. I don't care why That's a very positive thing. And that makes you full. Even if it is just programming, natural selection programming, would you really want to go against that? If so, why you need a reason to go against it? What's on the other side, if you're going to push love aside, you better have a reason for it. A real reason. If you don't have someone to terrorize with your toe Sickles or someone to steal covers from at one in the morning when they have fallen soundly asleep,

Is there anything else worth it? We won't always have love, but when we find it, I believe that we should go to the ends of the earth to keep it. And I intend to do that.


I should end it there, but this discussion isn't actually about a woman.

I love talking about women, the most beautiful of creatures, the most terrifying and exciting and exhilarating of creatures. I love it, but this isn't a discussion about women. I'm just trying to ease my way into the more difficult discussion because you don't only love your significant other. You love your family. An interesting thought. I don't know which one you should love more. That would be very difficult. That's for a very different discussion, but we love our family. The more that I travel, the more could I travel more, probably not. I don't know. The more that I am away from my family, which is years it's now actually two years. It's the longest stint I've had away from them without visiting. Thank you very much. COVID they are immunocompromised. So not exactly a good time for an international traveler to, uh, just fly home and visit them. But that day is coming very soon after being finally double Vaxxed. So let's talk about family.

For me, family is very, very important. They build you, your parents are, are builders. They were well physically built. I mean you okay? I didn't have that much wine. You were physically built by them. And then you were psychologically built by them. I guess some people really hate their creators. And so this discussion, maybe isn't for them. I don't know, or this part of it, but mine mean the world to me. And I attribute everything that I have to them, except for sometimes I'm a little bit too reluctant to do things I'm a little bit too shy. Believe it or not. I don't attribute that to them because they are not shy or reluctant. So they don't make everything that you are, but they influence it heavily. And I credit them immensely for all the positive things that exist about me. They're the reason actually that I have traveled, which, and I hate to say it because it is so cliche has caused me to grow and to appreciate a great many things in life. I might not have otherwise appreciated and maybe to get an understanding of a part of life that I otherwise would not have gotten. It's funny. I think that my brother has always had an understanding of that part of life, but it's taken a lot of effort for me to get it. And um, so I value them greatly.

It makes all the sense in the world to value the people who build you up because of all the things we talked about earlier, right? Self preservation, the tribe, the group. And I've already said that I don't care to discuss if it's, what did I say? I don't care to discuss if it's required or if it matters or why it's there because I'm not going to go against the nature because it has to do with how I feel. And I'm learning these days. That as much as I wanted to put feelings aside for most of my life, that's, it is a feelings that matter more than almost anything.

And I love my mother and my father. And for all, I don't know, 10 of you who listen, I do ask that you pray for my father. If you pray at all, I am. I'm going to ask for that. So please pray for his health. It's very selfish that I ask a stranger to do that. It's very selfish, but I would do anything. I do believe that there is something out there that is at least higher than us. Some God, some eternal, something, something with certainly more power than us. And it is to that, whatever powerful force to that, something that I will offer up my prayers to, I ask you to offer up yours too. For, I believe that there is a positive force. I believe there is positivity in the world. It's very selfish for me to ask you to pray. But like I said, total 10 of you listening. I'm going to do whatever I can cheers to never giving up.